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The DmaxCRM Solution

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DmaxCRM is not your ordinary out-of-the-box system.  It is a platform developed and used by Dmax to deploy business solutions.  DmaxCRM is a horizontal platform which allows for various vertical solutions to be deployed. The products are scalable, customizable and stress on Usability and Interactivity. The system is based on a core number of modules which benefit from years of experience of various companies and corporations.

DmaxCRM helps you automate your day-to-day business activities so that you can focus on decision-making and not on maintaining data.

DmaxCRM Business Suite

- Contacts Management

- Purchasing Management

- Inventory Management & Logistics

- Sales & Invoicing

- Quality Control

- Shipping

- Core & Security & Auditing

- iConnect (A Data Transfer Framework to connect and map data from/to Navision, Sharepoint, Sage,
  Office, Infor LN, Others)

- Core Business Intelligence with Dash boarding

DmaxCRM is a Contact relationship management (CRM) system targeted to help your business grow by increasing productivity in your Sales & Marketing departments. The DmaxCRM focuses on providing a solution that can be integrated easily in your company's standard operating procedures.

Why DmaxCRM ?

- Keep track of contacts suppliers, partners & employees

- Manage your Contacts relationships

- Grow your client base

- Target potential Contacts/ Suppliers

- Keep track of tasks, calls & events

- Monitor potential sales

- Monitor Sales Targets

- Attach documents & Images with Contacts

- Import & export Data

- Integration with Social Media

- extensive Sales & Contacts Reports

- Sales & Tasks dashboard to maximize performance

For more information about the DmaxCRM solution, please contact Uwe Schoenfeld or Ray de Bono on +35621347990 or via e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.