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Dmaxpedia com brochure download2Locate, capture and share information with customers, employees & stakeholders

Dmaxpedia knowledge share (business-driven intranet system) allows you to share information from your website or Intranet with an enterprise-grade knowledge base, reducing customer support, improving staff productivity and eliminating time wasted searching for information across disparate systems such as shared folders and paper documents.

Extensively tested amongst many small to medium-size businesses, retail enterprises & NGO’s, Dmaxpedia can be used to:

Reduce in-bound customer support

The web-based self-help interface makes it easy for customers to find answers to their own problems instead of submitting emails or calling your support department. Your knowledge base can also be integrated into your contact/support forms to provide instant answers to customers' questions as they type, reducing support even further.

•    Reduce technical support by up to 50%
•    Instantly improve your customer satisfaction

Share company documents and procedures

Whether your staff is in one physical location or one hundred, Dmaxpedia Knowledge Manager makes it easy for them to share, search, rate and print company documents, procedures and more. Forget email or network fileservers - Everyone now has access to the same single version of a document from the same location.

•    Standardise company policies and procedures
•    Improve staff productivity

Eliminate staff training time

By providing new staff members with a list of company-wide policies, procedures and how-to guides to read from your knowledge base, they can be operational quicker. You reduce staff training time significantly and give new staff members a "hands-on" approach to learning.

•    Reduce staff training time by up to 50%
•    Improve employee performance



Locate, Capture and Share Information with Customers, Employees & Stakeholders